The annual check-up for superheroes

Diagnocity – the most advanced diagnostic testing available on earth.  

Diagnocity is a completely new take on “preventive medicine” and makes it possible to obtain the ultimate in world-class healthcare at an affordable rate.

Offering the most sophisticated health assessment on earth, our partners at Diagnocity are revolutionizing the “annual check up” with a broad array of advanced diagnostic tests to ensure that your body and mind are tuned to the highest possible level.

An unparalleled “deep dive” into your unique bio-individuality which will help your physician create a truly personalized approach to your health.

Diagnocity enables those who are serious about their health to uncover a vast array of metabolic, hormonal, nutritional, genomic, and cardiac markers.  Your Cloud-DPC membership qualifies you for substantial savings on the Diagnocity testing panel.

Developed for elite athletes, Diagnostic panels are now available to you and can be integrated into your monthly payment to ensure you get the tests you need — right away — without large out of pocket costs.

Advanced tests included in your annual checkup:

Comprehensive Micronutrient Panel
Measures your levels of all vitamins and the most important minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, and amino acids

Comprehensive Hormone Panel
Measures your levels of key pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones in your body

Advanced Lipid / Cardiometabolic Panel
Measures your fasting insulin, lipids and lipoprotein particles, as well as inflammatory markers

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Measures your kidney and liver function, electrolytes, glucose, acid levels, and protein levels

Heavy Metal Toxicity Panel
Measures your level of aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead, and arsenic

Food Sensitivity Panel
Identifies which foods do not work well for you due to inflammatory responses

Microbiome Analysis
Analyzes your microbial fingerprint of over 100 types of gut bacteria

Genomic Testing
Assesses your genomic indicators to help you focus on the most impactful lifestyle changes and cardiac risk factors, based upon your DNA

Blood Type
Enables you to personalize your nutrition based on your specific blood type

Cardiovascular Testing
Echocardiogram, Carotid Intima-Media Testing, and Electrocardiogram

Simply put, Diagnocity is the most comprehensive and sophisticated health assesement on Earth.  Cloud Medical’s partnership with Diagnocity allows us to offer this service at a reduced cost for our members.

Upon enrolling in Cloud-DPC, you will be eligible to add Diagnocity testing to your membership.  The combination of Cloud-DPC, a HealthShare plan of your choice, and the complete Diagnocity panels for both adults in a family costs less than most typical monthly insurance premiums.  We provide you with an astonishing amount of data that will be immediately turned into actionable steps in order to optimize your wellness.  You can now obtain all of the testing that you need to truly quantify your health.  This can all be included in one comprehensive package.  That’s what we call healthcare for superheroes.  We will discuss adding the Diagnocity package when you come in for your first visit as a Cloud-DPC member.



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