Uncompromising Healthcare for Extraordinary People

   The conventional healthcare model is broken and obsolete.

             We thought it was time to build a new model.

               Welcome to Cloud Medical

Cloud Medical Center is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice with a total of 1000 extraordinary members, based in Boulder County, Colorado.  We are leaders in DPC, a national movement which is a simple yet profound, cutting-edge yet old-fashioned, revolutionary and evolutionary breakthrough in healthcare.  This innovative model breathes life and integrity back into the practice of medicine and celebrates the doctor-patient relationship, in which your physician reclaims her place as the unbiased champion for your health.  It is a model in which your medical expenses are slashed, your needs and outcomes matter more than bureaucratic paperwork, and your personal goals are supported and valued.

Cloud DPC allows us to spend more time with you whenever you need us: during business hours, evenings, nights, weekends, when you’re traveling, or when you’re too busy to come into the office.  In other words, when life actually happens.  We blend Western style, evidence-based medicine with a Natural approach.  Our patients are high-performance individuals and families who seek to maintain and enhance their health, vitality, and quality of life.

Cloud Medical Membership Has Capped

In order to provide the most comprehensive Direct Primary Care possible, we have chosen to maintain a roster of no more than 1000 members. Our enrollment at Cloud Medical DPC is now capped, and we are currently accepting applications for the wait list.  A new member will now be accepted only when one of our primary members leaves our care.

While we're proud of the fact that our enrollment is capped, we also know that the flow of life and it's changing nature is sometimes unavoidable.  These days, changes can happen out of the blue and quick as a flash.  We encourage you to join our wait list for Cloud Medical DPC, as the possibility of an opening can happen at any time, and we'd love to provide you with the finest direct primary care that's available anywhere.  To join the waitlist, please fill out the form below.

Thanks to all of our current members for choosing to be part of Cloud Medical DPC.  You are part of a new paradigm in healthcare.  This is making a difference for the greatest good of all — not only for you and your family — but also for the healthcare industry as well.  We're hacking the system and paving the way for evolution!



PLEASE NOTE: Cloud Medical is not Insurance.  We offer Concierge-Style Direct Primary Care.   All fields in the form below are required.  Thank you.

Join The Cloud Medical Wait List


Healthcare designed for YOU, your family, and your business. We provide an individualized approach to your health, not cookbook medicine. Your healthcare doesn’t end at our door. Enjoy 24/7 access to your Cloud Medical doctor via phone, text, email, or even webcam. Unlock your greatest potential toward optimal vitality and quality of life.


At Cloud Medical, payment is transparent and affordable, and there are never any surprise charges.

There are no co-pays, restrictions, or denials. No hidden costs or added fees.

Although we do accept most conventional insurance, we also offer two options that are significantly better for most patients:

  1. Cloud DPC with non-stop access for pediatrics, gynecology, adult medicine and 24/7 urgent care starting at $119 per month.
  2. Cloud DPC pairs nicely with an alternative to the conventional insurance model in paying for healthcare.  It is known as HealthShare, and is an innovative payment system that allows its members to share expenses for hospitalizations, surgeries, and other ‘big ticket’ healthcare costs.

As a member of Cloud Medical, you can expect to see a savings of 40-60% in your total healthcare costs.

We are the champions of your health…and your wallet.


Our cutting-edge diagnostic testing is the most sophisticated health assessment on earth.

Your Cloud-DPC membership qualifies you for substantial savings on the Diagnocity testing panel.

Our partners at Diagnocity have revolutionized the “annual check up.” This advanced metabolic testing is now accessible, affordable, and available onsite at our clinics.

Originally developed for elite athletes, Diagnocity’s innovative testing panels are now at your fingertips.

Ensure that your body and mind are tuned to the highest possible functioning and fitness levels, without unreasonable costs.

The New Way vs. The Old Way

Healthcare is confusing. Cloud Medical makes it simple and intuitive.  Here’s an example of how your experience with us is going to be different:

Old Way

Spend 6.8 minutes at your doctor’s appointment.  You are told that you have diabetes, and it’s time to start you on prescription medication.  Head to Walgreens.  The side effects of the medication make you feel worse.  If you want to try another drug, you need to see the doctor again.  You get back on the wait list for another appointment.  A different drug does not help to heal your diabetes, and you try a third drug.  Again, you have terrible symptoms.  It’s now 8 months later, and you’re back to square one.

New Way

Spend 30 minutes with your doctor during which time the causes of your health issue, diabetes, are explained in detail.  You are informed about a diabetes reversal program that’s based upon nutrition, exercise, and taking insulin sensitizing supplements.  Head to Alfalfa’s or Whole Foods.  Follow up with your personal physician by email within 1 week.  Retest your HbA1c in 3 months.  It is now 5.8.  Congratulations!  You’ve just “cured” your diabetes in 3 months.

We’re on the Journey with You

We offer advanced direct primary care provided by natural-oriented, board certified family physicians serving the Boulder – Longmont area. We cultivate closely connected, trusting, and lasting relationships with our patients.  We genuinely want to know you as a person and serve you on your life path.  We provide general adult medicine, pediatrics, office-based gynecology, and 24/7 urgent care for the whole family.

The Healthiest Version of You

We’re here for you if you do get sick and need to get back to your baseline as quickly as possible.  But our true purpose is in helping you go from your current baseline to the best and healthiest version of yourself — that’s the kind of healthcare that we believe you deserve. Whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or a busy parent keeping up with your kids, we’d love to have you join our waitlist.  Please send an email to us via this link.

Cloud Medical - Longmont Office

Prospect New Town
2017 100 Year Party Ct
Longmont, CO 80504

Cloud Medical - Peloton Office

Lofts at the Peloton
3601 Arapahoe Ave Unit D176
Boulder, CO 80303

Cloud Medical - Highland City Club Office

Highland City Club
885 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO  80302

Our 3 Locations


Lofts at the Peloton
3601 Arapahoe Ave Unit D176
Boulder, CO 80303
(38th & Arapahoe)


Highland City Club
885 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO  80302
(9th & Arapahoe)



Prospect New Town
2017 100 Year Party Ct
Longmont, CO 80504


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