Our goal is to help you unlock your greatest potential toward optimal vitality and quality of life. 

As your primary care physicians, we are called to be your champion, guide, and navigator.  We’re always there for you. 

Convenient, always on, nonstop care. That’s the peace of mind we offer you. Simply put, we’ve got your back.  Rather than trying to see as many patients as we can during a day, we focus on correcting your health issues as well as maintaining a closely connected, trusted, and lasting relationship with you. 

We are there for you whenever you have a healthcare issue:

  • 24/7 access to your personal medical team
  • Office Visits and Virtual Visits with no co-pays.  We always strive to diligently care for all of our patient-members, so we will schedule you as expediently as possible to ensure your healthcare needs are efficiently and expertly managed.
  • No co-pays
  • Virtual connectivity with cell / text / email / webcam

We offer an individualized approach to your health, not by-the-book medicine.

Like you, we are not okay with the status quo of the conventional medical model.  We understand your frustrations.  We know how the conventional healthcare system operates, from the inside out, so we can attest to its inefficiency.

We know that when a medical issue comes up, even finding the right doctor can be difficult and inconvenient.  We understand that the “pill for every ill” approach is usually disappointing and frustrating.  It feels outdated; it is outdated. Not to mention dealing with the wait-lists, huge premiums, lack of pricing transparency, and the incessant medical bills if you get sick. 

We are MDs who take a holistic approach and are devoted to helping you live your best life. 

We blend Western style, evidence-based medicine with a Natural approach.  Sometimes we use pharmaceutical drugs, but we usually try natural, nutraceutical, or bioidentical therapies first.  When you get sick, we strive to not only bring you back to your baseline, but to also elevate you toward optimum health and vitality.

We are here when you need us. 

We also take care of all of the usual urgent care stuff:  sinus infections, lacerations that need stitches, asthma attacks, casts for minor fractures, etc.  And we do it round the clock.  Unless you have a truly life-threatening medical emergency, we do all we can to keep you out of the ER.

Our Direct Primary Care model allows us to get to know you as an actual person!  We are not employed by insurance companies or mega-hospital systems.  We work for you.  And we are here when you need us, even when you’re traveling or when you’re too busy to come into the office; in other words, when life actually happens.  For instance, if you’ve come down with a sinus infection while traveling in Katmandu, no problem!  Just text, call, email, or even video-conference your personal doctor, and get the help you need right away.  And since we don’t have to deal with conventional insurance protocols, like being limited to certain medical networks, we can provide and arrange for medical assistance anywhere, no matter where in the world you are.

Your personal physician becomes your go-to healthcare guru, guide, advocate, champion, scout, and Sherpa.  We are committed to getting you the answers you need, and in much less time than what you’re used to.  We know the healthcare system inside and out, so when you need something done, we make it happen, and FAST.

  • Same day appointments
  • Same day MRI’s
  • Same day prescription refills

Cloud Medical — uncompromising healthcare.


Do you have more questions about how Direct Primary Care (DPC) compares with the old healthcare model? Don’t hesitate to call:

(303) 848-3800


(303) 848-3800