Uncompromising Healthcare for Extraordinary People

Cloud Medical is Boulder County’s premier Direct Primary Care practice

We provide full-stack healthcare for individuals, families, and businesses seeking a personal relationship with physicians devoted to their optimal wellbeing

Why join Cloud?

1. “The Math”

We can save most of our members 50% or more on their total monthly healthcare expenses when combining Cloud Medical (for adult medicine, gyn, pediatrics, and urgent care) with a healthshare (for major medical)

2. “Independent of Time and Space”

Have your personal Medical Team on speed dial—no matter where you are on the planet, no matter the time of day.

3. “Biohacker Ethos”

We treat an enormous range of medical conditions with a functional medicine approach, and we specialize in health optimization. See Diagnocity.com for a list and costs of some of the testing we offer at net zero profit.

4. “Allegiance.”

We are not bound to insurance companies, mega hospital systems, or third parties of any kind. We have a singular, unwavering devotion: You and your best interests.

5. “Full-stack”

We provide a full spectrum array of non-stop urgent care, office-based surgeries, needle-based therapies (PRP, dry-needling, botox injections), skin biopsies, pediatrics, gynecology, and adult medicine.

6. “Net-zero Profit”

All of our services are either included in your membership or they are offered at net-zero profit. We do not conflate prescribing with selling, so we don’t sell tests, labs, therapies, medications, or supplements for profit.


(303) 848-3800