The word “doctor” comes from the Latin word for “teacher”.

We believe that, in the future, primary care is destined to focus far more on teaching patients to powerfully unlock their innate health and healing capacities—not merely waiting for illness to arise and treating the symptoms…(It’s about time!).

One of our greatest missions here at Cloud Medical is to identify the most potent health-generating modalities and bring them together in a coherent framework to help our members supercharge their own health.

We believe in the principles of “Salutogenesis”

SALUTOGENESIS  (Sa-lü-tō-je-ne-sis:)

Latin salūt:   “health, healing”   +   genesis: “origin of”

Our Cloud | Wellness programs offer various opportunities for you to
upgrade your health from within.
We invite you to explore our offerings below.

1. The Cloud Salutogenesis Journal

Our 40 day Life + Health planner that will help you radically transform your life and your health in just a few weeks.

The Cloud Salutogenesis Journal allows you to track all of the most important information and data related to your optimal wellness—from your glucose levels to your sleep quality, from your mood to your emotional triggers—all of the crucial components of your biology, your psychology, and your relationships—for your supercharging your health and letting go of bad habits.

It provides a treasure trove of easily accessible data that can be reviewed day to day so you can uncover the key patterns of health, including…

  • What foods should I be eating?
  • What time of day should I be eating?
  • What supplements should I be taking?
  • What are the most common negative emotions that I experience, and how do I discharge them?
  • What are the most powerful sleep-enhancing tools that work best for my body?
  • Etc…

Order your Salutogenesis Journal for yourself or a loved one when you are ready to take charge of your health.


2. Cloud | Wellness Events

Recent Events:

Cloud Medical Healing Circles – Summer 2021

Cloud Medical Wim Hof Seminar – Fall 2021

Cloud Medical Wim Hof Seminar – Fall 2022

Cloud Medical 40 Day Transformation Program – Fall 2022


Upcoming Events:

Cloud Medical “School of Health” Wellness Retreat in Alta Badia, Italy – Sept. 2023.  (Click here to receive more information)

3. Cloud Medical “School of Health” Wellness Retreats

Launching in 2023, Cloud Medical will be hosting week-long immersive experiential retreats based upon the concept of the “School of Health” — providing the deep download and tools that we all need to understand how to become healthier humans so we can all help build a healthier world.

Listen to Dr. Tusek’s June 2022 Keynote Lecture on this topic Here.

Download the “School of Health” Prospectus Here.

Request more information about upcoming dates, locations, and pricing Here.


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