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Imagine paying a low monthly membership fee and being able to see your doctor whenever you need, with no co-pays.  Cloud Medical Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a monthly membership program which includes an unlimited number of visits with your personal physician and direct access to your doctor in between visits.  In this way, we remove unnecessary middlemen, reduce our overhead and pass those savings on to you!

How we keep YOUR costs down: 

You never pay a co-pay to see your doctor

Most office-based services and procedures are included in your membership without any extra hidden costs

Because we are available to you 24/7, you will never need to go to an Urgent Care clinic

For labs and imaging (MRIs and CT scans), we work directly with high-quality providers to save you money

We keep you away from the ER whenever possible


Our Pricing (per month):

Cloud Medical DPC Monthly Pricing





Single Parent (1 or 2 Children)


A Family of 3 or 4

(Additional Children: add $59 each per Month)





Cloud Medical Direct Primary Care pairs quite nicely with an innovative HealthShare model that together provides comprehensive and world-class healthcare in a surprisingly affordable package.

The New, Efficient HealthShare Plan

With skyrocketing insurance premiums and ever-increasing deductibles, many individuals, families, and businesses are frustrated by how much they are spending on healthcare and how little they are getting in return.

Stop paying increasingly more, while receiving less value every year.

The innovative HealthShare Model is changing the game!

Similar to what DPC has done for primary care, the HealthShare concept properly aligns incentives to protect you against high-cost medical expenses like hospitalizations, surgeries, and specialist visits. The HealthShare organizations we work with perfectly dovetail with your Cloud Medical DPC membership.  

Please note, however, that all Health Share models operate separately and independently from Cloud Medical.


Example Pricing for Cloud Medical DPC plus a HealthShare program:

Plan Type

Cloud Medical DPC

Monthly Fee

Cloud Medical DPC + HealthShare

Individuals Age 29 or Younger



Individuals Age 30 to 59



Couples Age 29 or Younger



Couples Age 30 to 59



Families Age 29 or Younger                                  (1 or 2 Children)



Families Age 30 to 59                                             (1 or 2 Children)



Single Parent Age 29 or Younger                          (1 or 2 Children)



Single Parent Age 30 to 59                                     (1 or 2 Children)



* Prices here reflect a new Cloud Care Complete product that we are launching January 1st, 2019.  The monthly fee does not reflect an annual non-shared amount.


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