Why Cloud Medical?


The Most Advanced Healthcare 

Welcome to a healthcare model that actually makes sense.  Designed for high-performance individuals and families who seek to enhance their health, vitality, and quality of life.  We offer the most advanced diagnostic testing, unsurpassed service, and comprehensive healthcare benefits at prices that are affordable.

  • 24/7 access to your personal physician
  • Unlimited visits
  • No co-pays
  • Virtual connectivity with cell / text / email / video
  • Access to, and discounts for the most comprehensive diagnostic testing on earth

The most benefits for the lowest cost  a revolutionary change in healthcare.

Healthcare ~ Revolutionized

We offer an individualized approach to your health, not just by-the-book medicine.  24/7 access to your physician.  Convenient, always on, nonstop care.  That’s the peace of mind we offer you.  Simply put, we’ve got your back.  Click here for more info about our personalized type of healthcare.

Surprisingly Affordable

Cloud Medical provides full-service Direct Primary Care and pairs nicely with an innovative “HealthShare” model for the bigger medical necessities such as hospitalization.  When these two models are utilized together, they provide comprehensive, world-class healthcare in a surprisingly affordable package.  The HealthShare model means you will avoid any IRS/ACA mandated tax penalty as well!  This is the perfect package for your complete healthcare.

The Most Sophisticated Health Assessment on Earth

Our labs and diagnostic partners are revolutionizing the “annual check up” with a broad array of cutting-edge tests to ensure that your body and mind are tuned to the highest possible level.



Cloud Medical Membership and Plans

The healthcare team at Cloud Medical provides exceptional Direct Primary Care (DPC) services and expertise for not only elite athletes and other high-performance individuals, but also families, singles, and businesses in the Boulder and Longmont areas.  Our team focuses on creating a strong foundation for your ongoing healthcare, with the goal of optimum wellness, vitality, and quality of life.  We are always on ~ always available, in order to give you peace of mind, whether you are home or traveling.  This is nonstop primary care for you, your family, and your business:  your healthcare conductor, advocate, and coach—all rolled into one.  We bring all of this together for you with uncomplicated yet powerful programs.   


Meet Your Healthcare Providers

We are genuinely interested in getting to know you as a person and developing a trusted relationship with you over time.  We love what we do.  We love where we live.  And we live by what we preach.

We are here for you if you get sick and need to get back to your baseline as quickly as possible, but our true purpose is in helping you go from your current baseline to the best and healthiest version of yourself — that’s the kind of healthcare that we believe you deserve.

Our 3 Locations

Call Us:  303.848.3800
Boulder Fax:  720.745.4820
Longmont Fax:  303.848.4910


Lofts at the Peloton
3601 Arapahoe Ave Unit D176
Boulder, CO 80303

(38th & Arapahoe)


Highland City Club
885 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder, CO  80302

(9th & Arapahoe)


Prospect New Town
2017 100 Year Party Ct
Longmont, CO 80504

Want to know what others have experienced with Cloud Medical DPC? 

Here is what our patients are saying:

“Doctor Tusek is a coach on the trail to health! I’ve had chronic health issues for most of my life and have been through a handful of doctors that treated the symptoms, but not the entire person. With Dr. Tusek’s extensive knowledge and whole-person approach to medicine, I’m feeling better than I’ve ever felt. His knowledge and personable manner have made it easy to tackle a whole host of issues I thought I’d just have to live with. When I started working with Dr. Tusek, I couldn’t have imagined ever feeling so good. Now I’m not only feeling better, but I’m also on the path to being truly healthy.”

Eric B.

After years of feeling discouraged and frustrated from inadequate and uninspired medical practitioners responsible for our health care, we discovered Dr. Tusek and Cloud Medical Center. Finally a doctor who considers the whole patient in a very refreshing and unique way. Dr. Tusek is thorough, forward thinking, passionate and involved in our well being. He strives toward all patients not only feeling good but actually thriving in this challenging world today. Dr. Tusek is a breath of fresh air and we have developed respect for and confidence in him resulting in priceless peace of mind.

Shelley Kamien Jones

I first met Dr. Tusek at a retreat at the Shambala Center. I had just moved to Colorado by myself at 26, and was pretty hard core about only using natural, alternative healthcare. One day, I had a scary health symptom and reached out to Dr. Kusek. I felt comfortable with him because he practiced yoga and meditation. He helped put my mind at ease, addressed my concerns medically–and supported me 100% in following my intuition. All is well and I highly recommend this practice!

Kate Sciolino Joseph

I finally feel taken care of. Dr. Tusek has been such a light in the dinginess of the medical world. He offers a personal approach where he actually listens to you. It’s an amazing paradigm shift. And with the prices of health insurance, it is invaluable membership.

Kirsten Rae Zen Wayz

“Dr. Tusek has been nothing thing short of a lifesaver to me! He has succeeded in helping me where countless others providers have failed. I spent over three years with an Endocrinologist, yet after a single visit with Dr. Tusek, a blood test, and a simple change to my medication, my quality of life did a 180 for the better. Dr. Tusek is a true healer! He will spend quality time with you, listen to your needs and develop a plan that will get you back on top where you want to be. I highly recommend Dr. Tusek!”

Chris G.

My wife Elaine and I were early members of Dr. Tusek’s previous Direct Provider Care network. Throughout Elaine’s last three months. Dr. Tusek was constantly there to provide advice and direction, including us in consultations with the oncologists, ensuring Elaine’s pain was minimal and that we understood the treatments. On her last night he came to our house and spent 45 minutes with us, even though he was leaving on a trip to Austria early the next morning. For many months after she was gone, I would just walk into the office and there was ALWAYS time for a hug. Superb medical care but more importantly, true personal care.
When I was working long hours at the south end of Denver I sometimes had appointments on iPad. With DPC there’s no insurance requirement for an office visit and no “code” to figure out so medical care can be as flexible as needed.
I wish I could join Cloud Medical, this new implementation is much better than even the old Nextera. Unfortunately I’m required to be on Medicare so now I have an insurance company between me and Dr. Tusek but he has still been taking very good care of me…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr Tusek!

Donald Poncelow

  • Are you ready for always-on connectivity to your personal physician?

  • Are you tired of co-pays, barriers, restrictions, and insurance companies that dictate to you and your doctor what you can and cannot do?

  • Isn’t it time to take better care of yourself and your family?

  • Isn’t it time to have a personal physician who works for YOU, and not your insurance company?

Cloud Medical is uncompromising healthcare.


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