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Bold.ly Now: The Future of Healthcare with Dr. David Tusek

Host Michael-Shaun Conaway | Mar 1, 2021

Tune in to the Boldy Now Show featuring Dr. David Tusek, Direct Primary Care and Health Exchange pioneer, to forever change the way we think about personal and community health.  Dr. Tusek is the founder of Cloud Medical, and a founding partner of Ravel Health, an alternative marketplace based upon healthcare vs. sick-care.  Looking at health from a broader perspective, Dr. Tusek works toward a deeper understanding of the human body, the reconnection with ourselves, the people around us, and nature, so that we can transform our healthcare system to help us to thrive rather than merely survive.




New Models #1: Solving the 10 Heartbreaks in Medicine

Host James Maskell | March 24, 2021

On this episode of the podcast, we kick off our New Models Series with guest Dr. David Tusek. Dr. Tusek built the first direct primary care clinic in Colorado and now operates a world-class facility called Cloud Medical. In this episode, he shares his insight on creating and building a direct primary care practice.

Highlights include:

  • Dr. Tusek’s journey to functional medicine and how he created his own direct primary care practice
  • A deep dive into the 10 Heartbreaks of Medicine
  • Dr. Tusek’s eBook: Salutogenic Eudaimonics
  • And so much more!




Dr. David Tusek on Salutogenesis, Eudaimonic Exchange, Psychedelic Healing & The Future of Human Health

Host Will Sacks | Sep 14, 2020

Continuing with our series on Psychedelic Healing, this week on the podcast I talk with Dr. David Tusek – visionary doctor, entrepreneur, and health pioneer.  In this conversation, we discuss a new vision of American healthcare, and how psychedelic medicine fits into this vision.

Dr. Tusek is a recognized leader in healthcare transformation and he’s working on the front lines of the healthcare system to create exciting new models of care that result in better outcomes and that are more people-focused.




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