The conventional healthcare model is broken and obsolete.

We think it’s time for something new.

Welcome to a healthcare model that actually makes sense.

Our model enables the physician to transition from being a de facto employee of insurance companies to working directly for you, the patient.  Just like it should be.

We are tech-savvy.  We are convenient.  We are always on.  And we are surprisingly affordable.  Want to know how radically different Cloud Medical is?  Read on:


Outdated way:

You are on vacation in Florida and you wake up with a painful rash on your leg.  You’re not sure if it’s an infection or a reaction to the coral beds that you may have brushed against while snorkeling.  It looks pretty bad.  You frantically call around but no doctor is available so you end up spending most of your day in the ER.  Then you find out that your insurance indicates that this ER is “out of network” so you are responsible for the entire $3000 bill.  Vacation spoiled.

The Cloud way:

Instead of going to the ER, you text a photo of the rash to your Cloud Medical doctor who responds in a few minutes and informs you that you have zoster, also known as shingles, and that he is calling in your prescription to a pharmacy near your hotel.  You start the medicine 30 minutes later, and happily go on with your vacation.


Outdated way:

You go to the doctor and are diagnosed with strep throat late in the day.  The medical assistant sends the antibiotic prescription to your pharmacy but when you get there you are told, “sorry we did not receive it.”  You panic because the doctor’s office is now closed and you can’t get through to anyone.  You consider your options and end up going to an urgent care center just to get your prescription.

The Cloud way:

While you are at the pharmacy, you text your doctor and explain that the prescription was not received.  She tells you to hold on, dials the pharmacist directly and clears up the issue.  In 5 minutes the pharmacist hands you the prescription and you are on your way.


Outdated way:

Your child is diagnosed with appendicitis and needs surgery.  Your doctor is employed by a large hospital system and refers you to the surgeon who works in the same system.

You want to make sure that your child goes to the best and most experienced surgeon with the greatest expertise in such issues.  Your doctor tells you that “our surgeon is pretty good” but seems unwilling to refer you to anyone outside of their system.

The Cloud way:

Your personal physician is independent and has no restrictions in referring you to the best possible specialist, regardless of which group they happen to work for.  Your doctor tells you, “when my daughter needed her appendix removed, this is the surgeon that I called, and I want to make sure you get the same top level of care”.


Outdated way:

You need an MRI.  You ask how much it will cost.  Your doctor says, “We can’t be sure.  It all depends on your deductible, the contracted rates of your particular insurance plan, and where you end up going.”  You try calling your insurance plan but you are on hold for over 30 minutes and get no where.  You finally decide, “Ok I really need to get this MRI, so let’s just order it.”  You are told that it will take a few weeks for your doctor to get a “prior authorization” from your insurance company.  A month later, you are told that it will cost you $2700 out of pocket, even though you pay your expensive insurance premium each month, and have been paying into this policy for several years.

The Cloud way:

You need an MRI.  You ask how much it will cost.  Your Cloud Medical doctor says, “We have contracted rates with several imaging centers in the area for $400-$450.  Usually we can get you in the same day.”   A few hours later you get your MRI and your doctor calls to review it with you the same evening.


Outdated way:

You develop a severe fever and back pain on Friday night and it is worse the next morning.  You call the on-call doctor at your practice and she tells you “it sounds like you better go to the ER.”  You end up being admitted to the hospital for a kidney infection.  The cost of your hospitalization is over $20,000, and your deductible is $10,000.  So after paying $10,000 out of pocket, you still have to take out a loan to pay the remaining hospital bills.

The Cloud way:

You call your Cloud Medical doctor on Saturday and are told to come to the office immediately.  When you arrive, your doctor greets you at the door and spends an hour evaluating you carefully.  You receive an antibiotic injection, and are provided with very specific instructions to call his cellphone every hour with an update for the rest of the day.  The antibiotic kicks in quickly and you start feeling better almost immediately.  Your out of pocket cost for the weekend:  $0.  It’s all included in your membership.



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