Extraordinary Healthcare.

Surprisingly Affordable.

Cloud Medical provides Direct Primary Care that pairs quite nicely with an innovative “health share” model ( ) that together offer comprehensive and world-class healthcare in a surprisingly affordable package.

Direct Primary Care

Better Care * Lower Cost

Imagine paying a low monthly membership fee and being able to see your doctor whenever you need.

Cloud Medical Direct Primary Care is a monthly membership program which includes an unrestricted number of visits with your personal physician, who is simply there when you need him. You have direct access to your doctor via phone; text messaging, email, video; and of course office visits—as often as you need.

With Cloud Medical, you enjoy enhanced access to your personal doctor and receive world-class care while saving a great deal of money.  

By removing typical health insurance from the equation, as well as the army of receptionists, staff, billing companies, etc., we are able to eliminate many of the usual roadblocks between patient and doctor and reduce our overhead substantially. We pass those savings on to YOU!

How we keep YOUR costs down:

  • You never pay a copay to see your doctor
  • Most office-based services and procedures are included in your membership without hidden costs
  • For labs and imaging (MRIs and CT scans) we work directly with high quality providers to save you money
  • We keep you away from the ER whenever possible

There are no co-pays, restrictions, prior-authorizations, denials, or other unwelcome barriers to care.

Once you become a member, you can connect with your provider anytime: by phone, text message, email, video–or in the office 24/7/365. There is never an after-hours nurse line to call. You simply call or text your provider’s personal cell phone.

If you combine a healthshare program like Liberty HealthShare (just in case a major health crisis arises) with your Cloud Medical DPC membership (where we take care of the vast majority of your healthcare needs) you can have the best of both worlds: Better Care AND Lower Cost.

Liberty HealthShare

With skyrocketing insurance premiums and ever increasing deductibles many individuals, families, and businesses are left frustrated by how much they are spending and how little they are getting in return.

Stop paying increasingly more, and receiving less value every year.

Liberty HealthShare, the innovative HealthShare Plan is changing game! For more information Click Here.

Like DPC has done for primary care, Liberty HealthShare properly aligns incentives to protect you against high-cost medical expenses like hospitalizations, surgeries, and specialist visits.

Liberty HealthShare perfectly dovetails with your Cloud Medical DPC membership.

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