Despite the promises of the Affordable Care Act to bring about a reduction in healthcare premiums, the reality for small and medium-sized businesses is increasing premiums, deductibles and penalties.

The expense increases every year on the open market for individuals as well, but a new alternative brings authenticity and affordability back to health care.

Insert direct primary care, namely Cloud Medical, which offers comprehensive health coverage with a pretty unprecedented twist. The Boulder County-based direct primary care practice, with three locations in the area, partnered with a national non-profit major medical carrier called Liberty HealthShare to provide a comprehensive solution for the healthcare benefit woes of local businesses.

The program integrates local 24/7 primary care and urgent care provided by the Cloud Medical team with coverage for high-cost medical services including hospitalizations, surgeries, specialist visits, maternity care, etc.

The difference is in both the cost and the patient experience. Gone are copays and high deductibles. Each patient receives their primary care physician’s cell phone and email with unrestricted access, same-day appointments, and non-stop service. They pay no copays for wellness visits, stitches or anything else the team can handle in-house, which is 85-95% of all healthcare needs for a typical individual or family.

Major medical coverage kicks in at just $500 for individuals and $1,500 for families. The monthly payments are usually less than half of any other plan available on the healthcare exchange.  The cost Cloud Medical Direct Primary Care is $119/mo for individuals, $199/mo for couples, $178/mo for a single parent with one or two children, $317/mo for families of three or four, and $59/mo for each additional child.

Employers in Boulder and Longmont are cutting their healthcare spend in half while providing employees with unprecedented coverage. It’s a gift to employees: No more worrying about co-pays and urgent care expenses.

This program is ideal for health-conscious businesses who are already interested in promoting exercise, nutrition and stress reduction for their employees, especially if they find resonating core values with Liberty HealthShare. Because many Colorado-based companies already value wellness, work-life balance and healthy lifestyles for their workforce, the synergy is obvious.

Cloud Medical also helps employers with on-site wellness programs and even offers elite-level executive exams with advanced diagnostics provided through Boulder-based Diagnocity.

“Our mission is to provide world-class care to those companies who truly value employee health,” said Cloud founder Dr. David Tusek. “We all love living in the playground that is Colorado, and our physicians are active outdoor athletes ourselves. And now we can not only lead by example, we can bend the cost-curve for local businesses to an unprecedented degree. It’s a total win-win.”

For more information about Cloud Medical and its partnership with various HealthShare programs, visit,  email , or call 303.848.3800.


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