Dr. T’s Highlights for the Year Ahead

Dear Patient Member,

A warm welcome to all of our new members, hello to our current members, and Happy New Year to all of you!

As we look back on 2017, we are delighted with each progression that has taken flight, and we’d like to share with you a glimpse of what lies ahead for you in the new year as a valued member of the Cloud Medical family.   But allow me to first say thank you to all of our cherished members and to our staff, who have made the dream of building a sane and ethical healthcare model possible.

Cheers to you!

Our plans for 2018 are bold indeed, and with our enrollment soon capping at 1000 members, we are more devoted than ever to providing maximal value and meaningful support for your health, to help you live your best life.  Since we define health differently than most medical programs, we consider it our job to provide you with nonstop support for your acute problems like infections and injuries, to be sure, but also to delve deeply into both longevity (quantity of years) as well as quality of life.  We call it  QOL2.

In 2018 we will be releasing our Cloud Journal (day planner / vision board / health tracker / calendar / diary).  This will be a leather bound quarterly journal that corresponds with our upcoming series of Live Talks on the 12 topics scientifically proven to govern QOL2.  These live, bimonthly (twice a month) discussions will provide you with cutting edge, actionable information from experts in various health related fields, which you can then implement directly into your life.  (And if you’re unable to attend, they’ll be available online for download to view at your convenience.)

We will also be launching our exclusive Cloud App which will provide the basic features that you’d expect like secure text messaging and a convenient marketplace for obtaining supplements and meds when you need them, but also some nifty innovative features, like our network of 21 Integrative Health Fields. The accomplished healers, bodyworkers and therapists in these fields will offer discounted rates, directly through the App.  Also included will be a Mobile Health Tracker, enabling you to monitor progress in both your Biometrics (lab data, blood pressure, etc.) as well as your QOL2 condition (vitality, energy, motivation, mood, etc.).

During 2018, we will be focusing a lot of attention on our Cloud Collective (you, other members, and various partners) to develop our educational, philanthropic, and community service platform in far greater detail.  Additionally, we will soon begin enrolling in Cloud Clinical Trials, which will be pilot studies designed to measure outcomes with various natural therapies, beginning with CBD formulations.

To say the least, we are beyond excited about each of these advancements and how they will improve your health and well-being.  We will keep you posted on all of the new programs as they come online.  In the meantime,

Happy New Year, and may this be your best yet!

Dr. T and your Cloud Medical Team



(303) 848-3800