Dear Members,

In the meta-crisis of our time, despite the profound uncertainties that we face in nearly all directions, something is becoming increasingly clear:  Many essential aspects of our flourishing (or even survival) are contingent upon the depth and quality of our understanding of a concept that we have all but ignored: the concept of health and healing.

I realized, having been educated as a physician (and having worked for two decades in countless hospitals, ERs, nursing homes, and clinics nationwide) that although I was taught a great deal about disease, I knew almost nothing about healing.

What does it actually mean for us to be healthy, what does it mean to heal, and what requirements, tools, and skills nurture these life processes?  The answers to these questions are, I believe, of primary importance as we face the challenges of our time both locally, as well as on a global scale, at a species level, as a planetary civilization.

Related to the concepts of health and healing is the notion of individual (as well as collective) resilience and anti-fragility.  It is clear that Covid-19 is not the only pandemic we face on both national and global scales, and more de-stabilizing and disruptive forces will surely be met in the near term by our increasingly inadequate and outdated institutions and infrastructures.

While our existing medical system is focused almost entirely on sick care, we believe that in the future, the school, monastery, and hospital will all be one place—a place which integrates education and personal development for children and adults, along with optimized healthcare.

In the spirit of this vision, our path forward is devoted to rapidly prototyping models which supplement our understanding of pathogenesis (the basis of disease) with a deeper understanding of health, healing, resilience, and anti-fragility, and which are designed to support and enhance them.

We call this vision Salutogenic Eudaimonics.




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