Dear member,

The word “doctor” comes from the Latin word for “teacher”.

At Cloud Medical we believe that, in the future, primary care is destined to focus far more on
teaching our patients to powerfully unlock their innate, natural health and healing capacities—
and not merely waiting for illness to arise and then treating the symptoms.

One of our greatest missions here at Cloud is to identify the most potent health-generating
modalities and techniques and bring them together in a coherent framework to help our
members supercharge their own health from within. We believe that the principles of
“Salutogenesis” (a word which means “health-generating”) should be incorporated into the
existing healthcare system as thoughtfully and as rapidly as possible. Sadly, the current
system is not really focused on health-care at all, but rather on sick-care. It is mainly based
upon the principles of “Pathogenesis” (the treatment of diseases, disorders, and dysfunctions).

And since we believe that, “in the future, the school, the monastery, and the hospital will all be
one place,” we decided to create a program called the “School of Health,” which will launch in

Let’s stop waiting for disease and sickness to strike and instead arm ourselves with
the best new technologies and ancient healing traditions to support, nurture, and
catalyze our innate capacities to be healthy and to heal.

It is only by becoming healthier humans that we can help build a healthier world for all.
If you are interested in hearing more about these ideas as well as our new project, the Cloud
“School of Health”, we invite you to listen to this recent talk that Dr. Tusek gave at the
Highland Institute in Boulder, CO.



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