Dear member,

We live in a time and in a place where “fear of death” is our default cultural setting.

Yet, we will all die.

The wise ones say that unless we conquer this fear, we will not actually begin to fully live—we will not be able to expand to our fullest, most abundant aliveness.

The preconceived grief we have over our own mortality, and of that of our loved ones, will prevent us from discovering the underlying “praise of” and “love for”  the ephemeral and fleeting nature of Life.

So we designed a manual and a seminar to help us confront this fear.

And by doing so, we hope to not only help us reframe our relationship with the inevitable, but also help us to receive the great “transmission” of freedom which comes from gratitude in knowing that every one of us has already received the greatest gift of all:

The gift of being alive in this incarnation—for whatever time we may have.

We “get to”  (if we are lucky)  crawl, and walk, and run, and dance upon this exquisite planet amongst so many exquisite beings…for a few years or decades.

In order to receive this gift fully, it may be helpful to consider the list of objectives which follow.  A list which we hope makes it easier for us to:

Spend each remaining day so that we may
love and live and die fully and without regret,
as worthy ancestors to those who follow us.

Since we can’t predict how much longer we have in this life, and for some of us death may arrive prematurely,  we are wise to prepare in advance, so that we may…

  • Forge a healthier relationship with death, based not on fear, but rather based on love of life so that for our remaining days, we can live from our greatest abundance and joy.
  • Ensure that the process of our dying, when it does come, is as conscious as possible — and as consistent as possible with our true intentions, desires, and values.
  • Knowing that, no matter what, the end of life is a very challenging time, we make as many preparations as possible in order to reduce the burden of our death upon the ones we love.

On Sunday, January 22, 2023,  Dr. Tusek co-led a seminar with Lila Tresemer at the Star House above Boulder called “”AMARE VITAE,  et  BONO MODO MORI,” (which means “Loving life…and dying a good death).

During this half-day event, we used our new manual as a guide to help us explore the vast territory of relevant questions on the topic of developing a healthy and healing relationship with our mortality and impermanence.  And we were led through powerful life and death integration processes by the artist and death doula, Stuart Davis, and neuropsychologist Wesly Feuquay.  We closed with an exquisite mantra song led by Daphne Tse.

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