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Why is Cloud Medical organizing this event?

When you think about it, we all pretty much have the same basic goal in life. Derek Severs put it succinctly: “Success is self-mastery while helping lots of people”

Here is what we are learning: our deepest, fullest potential and self-actualization (through which it is possible to actually be helpful to others) is only available when we are operating from our “powerful state”, which generally correlates to our parasympathetic nervous system (and which enables a state of calm focus), and is virtually impossible to attain from our “primal state” which correlates to our sympathetic nervous system (and which promotes the embodied states of “fight, flight, or freeze”).

I am quite convinced that so much of our overall health (never mind wellbeing and quality of life) originates from our awareness of, and ability to modulate between, these two basic states. Our capacity for neuro-regulation governs so much of our stress, anxiety, mood, outlook, as well as our aptitude for “waking up”, “growing up”, and ultimately “showing up” in the world—at home, at work, in business, in relationships—pretty much everywhere in life.

The amount of new evidence that has emerged from neuroscience in the last decade about how all of this works from a neurobiological perspective is astonishing. We are gaining deep insights about how we tend to enforce our beliefs (which we consider to be “true facts” but which in fact turn out to be remarkably malleable as we progress through the various predictable developmental stages) through endlessly repeating thought patterns which in turn control our emotions and actions, which subsequently lead to results that only further reinforce our original beliefs.

This process works perfectly in our favor when our beliefs are empowering and uplifting. But…as we know, many of our beliefs are so doggone self-limiting! We frequently get trapped in our past due to endlessly recycling loops of memories, resentments, and wounds which get triggered and re-activated over and over again, preventing us from entering our powerful state of calm focus in any enduring way.

The (often elusive) calm and focused state is also highly conducive to a feeling of “presence”, or the sense of actually being “in the present moment”, rather than our typical default setting of worrying about the future and regretting or resenting the past. (Just in time for the holidays in 1843, Dickens beautifully illustrated this state metaphorically as the ghosts of Christmas in his famous book.) Rather than living “in presence”, we generally find ourselves “building the highway ahead with pavement from the rear-view mirror”. This recycled windshield also forms an opaque barrier between us and a future ripe with the greatest potential, innovation, inspiration, insight, creativity—and all of the liminal properties of emergence and “flow”. The end result is that we feel “stuck”.

It is my prediction that the primary healthcare of the future will see the concepts, tools, and techniques which help us access the state of presence, and enhance our ability to regulate our nervous system, as the most basic foundational cornerstones of our health.

Until then, we’re usually left on our own, seeking solutions for “cleaning up” our past traumas and future fears and insecurities through various individual means: psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, pharmacotherapies, medically assisted therapy, plant medicine, synthetic psychedelic medicine, meditation, kundalini and other forms of yoga, life coaching, shadow work, Gestalt Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Polyvagal-Informed Therapies, breathwork, HeartMath, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), 3-2-1 Process, hypnosis, Big Mind, EMDR, NLP, various tapping techniques including EFTs, the Healing Code, meridian therapy, applied kinesiology, PSYCH-K, NAEM, shamanic healing, indigenous ceremonies and rituals, soul retrieval, past life regression, energy healing,…and many others. Other techniques are used for groups of various sizes including numerous “We practices”, circling, group psychotherapy, various LGAT trainings including Landmark and the Hoffman Process, Coherent Field Projects, collective trauma release processes such as those based on the work of Thomas Hübl and others, etc…

Many of these have a growing body of scientific basis, and in my own life I have found numerous of these techniques to be profoundly helpful. Yet I’ve discovered most of them by trial and error and random chance. Some of them take a great deal of practice in order to translate to meaningful outcomes, others have more immediate effects. And while I recommend (and personally use) a number of these tools, there is a group of newer techniques based on the work of Živorad Slavinski which integrate a variety of such modalities into a system of processes which are extremely potent, efficient, and effective.

In a nutshell these newer practices or “psychospiritual technologies” enable us to use any negative emotion, thought, sensation, or image as a direct portal of entry into our deepest and highest states of consciousness. And from these states, we can view the negative experience from our place of greatest wisdom and insight. There is no one telling you what to think, or how to change your behavior, or how to act differently. It is information coming directly from within, from your highest self, a place inside us which feels “all-knowing, all-forgiving, and all-loving”. The ancient traditions refer to such states by many terms and ontologies spanning the various tiers of subtle, causal, and nondual states of being (Atman, Witnessing awareness, source consciousness, divine consciousness, etc.)

One of the things which is most fascinating to me about this work is that the goal is not to “overcome”, “dissolve”, “release”, “get past”, or “get over” anything (although that may happen spontaneously). Rather it provides us with tools to reframe experiences we perceive as “negative” as the keys to dissolving the very notion of positive and negative.

Our inner demons become the “dragons bearing gifts” of our deepest wisdom. We are able to see our so-called negative experiences just as they “are” when we experience the Such-ness and the Is-ness of higher awareness.

This wisdom flows through us innately, independent of any outside guidance or influence, and not only helps us see “what to do”, it fundamentally transforms our relationship to our hardest obstacles, most difficult challenges, and the shadows of our life. There is no guru or dogma in this work. It is utterly remarkable and unique. And rather than taking weeks or months or years of practice to take effect, it is accessible within about 30 minutes nearly every time for just about anyone who engages these tools.

I am not suggesting that Slavinski’s techniques are the “best” practices for everyone, or that they are the most useful tools for every circumstance. Rather, I feel an immense gratitude that we live in a time when the exploration of our individual and collective interiors from various angles using different techniques is becoming less taboo and much more accessible. It is even becoming increasingly accepted within various fields of conventional mainstream medicine. We now have more options than just taking Prozac, or sitting on someone’s couch every week for a decade, or flying to the Himalayas to meditate for a few years—as much as all of those may still play an important role.

As much as I appreciate the biohacker ethos in many ways, I take issue with what I sometimes perceive as a preference for shortcuts and bypasses. That said, I support the research, development, and evolution of “smart stacks” and well-timed catalysts. I believe that 1+1+1 can equal 7 under certain circumstances. One of my teachers is fond of saying that our practice is the guru and the guru is our practice. As in physical training and nutrition, there are some practices that are simply far more efficient and effective than others. Don’t take my word for it — it’s something you must experience for yourself.

Our goal at Cloud Medical is not to sell or pitch anything. This is merely an invitation and an offering. If this work is of interest of you, please email aleisha@cloudmedical.io to reserve your spot.

Happy Holidays!

DrT and the Cloud Medical Team


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