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Our philosophy at Cloud Medical is to be proactive and well-prepared, but not alarmist.  By now everyone has heard of Corona virus Covid-19 and its potential to spread to the US.  It is currently spreading throughout Europe and many communities are being caught off guard.

Here are some good resources with which to learn the scientific facts and track developments:

Basic info:  CDC website,
Discussion of contagion of corona virus:  Vox article
Discussion of mortality rates based on age, sex, & overall health:  Epidemiology database
Corona virus and children:  Quartz article             

The bottom line is that Covid-19 is more contagious than the flu (influenza), and does appear to have a significantly higher mortality rate, but the majority of deaths occur in those over 60 and those with underlying heart or lung conditions.  Whereas many younger people appear to experience “mild” flu-like symptoms.

That said, anything we can do to limit the spread of this virus and protect ourselves and one another is certainly worth considering.  So we’ve put together a list of practical considerations as we brace for a possible, if not probable, spread throughout the US:

Cloud Medical Recommendations for Corona Virus Preparation


—Purchase face masks for your family (N95 or higher), no need to hoard them, just have a few on hand.

—Think through a scenario in which you had a sick family member and steps to take to avoid transmitting the illness to others in the home.  Is there a spare bedroom they could stay, etc.?

—Stock up on essential supplies like food and personal care products

—If you or your loved ones have any respiratory conditions (like asthma or COPD) make sure you are stocked up on inhalers and nebulizer supplies, as well as a dose of steroids

—Consider purchasing a simple but vital tool for tracking respiratory health: a pulse oximeter which measures the O2 saturation of your blood

—Consider obtaining a supplemental oxygen canister



—consider deferring all non-essential travel

—limit the number of shopping trips  (use a delivery service if possible)

—after being around anyone who appears sick or may have been exposed to an infection, immediately wash your hands and rinse out your sinuses (you can use a Neti pot, or a neomed device, or even warm tap water after washing your hands)


Immune System Boosting:

—Optimize the 5 Pillars (hydration, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction)

—If you’ve been considering implementing the Wim Hof Method, this is the time to do it.  The research data continues to pour in about how this practice (consisting of meditation, breath work, and cold-exposure) can help us optimize our immunity and resistance against pathogens like bacteria and viruses

—Consider taking immune boosting supplements:

i.     Vit. B12 injection  (in stock at Cloud )

ii.    SBI protect – colostrum based immunoglobuling (antibody) supplement  (in stock)

iii.   Probiomax DF – or similar high potency multistrain antibiotic (in stock)

iv.   Essential oils with immune boosting blends such as Doterra OnGuard

v.    Mushroom-based immune boosting formulas such as Rasa (in stock) or New Chapter LifeShield

vi.   Get an immune boosting IV (every several weeks) at one of our partners— Onus IV in Boulder or J.Marie Spa in Prospect.

vii.   Viracid – a natural combination of antiviral herbs and nutraceuticals (in stock)

vi.    Peptides –  there are several peptides which have demonstrated remarkable immune boosting activity specific to viral infections.  Here is a general overview of peptides.  The one that appears most likely to be useful against pathogens (including viral infections) is Thymosin Alpha 1 (TA-1).



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