Cloud Medical Flu Prevention Strategies

  • Drink plenty of fluids, especially hot beverages like herbal teas.  Adding lemon helps to thin mucous and a little honey is antimicrobial.
  • Get your dietary intake dialed in.  Avoid sugar, which depresses your immune system, and make sure you are getting enough protein, veggies and healthy fats to keep blood sugars stable.
  • Get enough sleep and avoid alcohol, which can disrupt your sleep cycle.
  • Probiotics support immune health.  Choose a broad spectrum product with lactobacilli and bifido species.  We carry Probiomax, Orthobiotic 100 and Ultraflora Spectrum at the clinic.
  • Herbals for immune support: Capsules or herbal tinctures of Astragalus or Eleutherococcus can help boost immunity and can be taken daily throughout the cold and flu season.  These are safe for kids and adults.
  • Make sure vitamin D levels are in the optimal range (70-100).
  • Wash hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
  • Essential oils dispersed in a diffuser and a steamy hot shower will help open up the sinuses.
  • Saunas can raise core temperature and also stimulate immune function to prevent colds and flu.  They don’t, however, help to recover more quickly once you have an infection.  It’s best to use this strategy for staying healthy.
  • Interestingly, the opposite is true as well:  Exposure to sudden blasts of cold water (cold showers, ice plunges, and cryotherapy) have also been shown to significantly increase resistance to infections.  Wim Hoff, the “Iceman” has popularized this practice along with a specific breathing method which may be worth exploring…for those willing to brave the cold.
  • Nasal rinses can help rinse away viruses and bacteria to prevent further replication and sooth mucus membranes.  We recommend doing this frequently, especially when you’ve been around sick people (e.g. on airplanes).

What To Do At The First Sign Of Symptoms

  • “Nutritional IV’s” (Intravenous fluid with electrolytes and high dose vitamin mixtures) can help with hydration and getting additional nutrients on board to give your immune sytem a significant boost.  We are currently working with Onus IV on 18th and Pearl to have our own Cloud 9 formula available soon!
  • Zinc Lozenges
  • Throat Spray
  • Umcka lozenges or syrup, or Esberitox tablets 3-4 times daily.  Both products have clinical trials showing reduction of cold/flu severity and duration.
  • Viracid, Viragraphis or FluEx are herbal combinations that we carry at Cloud Medical to help boost immunity and get over symptoms more quickly.
  • Elderberry syrup or capsules have antiviral effects as well.  The syrup is especially good for kids and very safe.
  • Homeopathics can also be used for support.  Oscillococcinum is commonly found as an over-the-counter product for flu.  It is certainly worth a try at the first onset of symptoms, but remember that homeopathics work best when matched to the individual’s presentation of symptoms, so if you don’t experience any improvement, it’s because it’s not the right homeopathic match for you.  With epidemic presentations like the flu, there are typically a few remedies that will help most of the population.  One of the “Genus Epidemicus” remedies this year is Lycopodium.  It is available at Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Sprouts.  Try using the 30C potency and take 5 pellets every 30-60 minutes for 4-5 doses.  If you feel better, then repeat only if your symptoms start to worsen.  If after 4-5 doses you don’t feel any improvement, it is not the right match for you, and you can then try different remedies. The following website has listed a few other remedies and their specific characteristics if you would like to give them a try:
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